Social Media Advertising
The targeted way of reaching new customers online.

Target with pinpoint accuracy

Social Networks are used on a daily basis by millions of users worldwide. If you want to reach new customers Social Media Advertising provides the perfect solution.


We have over three years experience in building successful advertising campaigns. Having the opportunity for exposure is only effective when coupled with amazing creativity.


We provide insight on:

   - The definitive reach of your advertising
   - Conversions – purchases, exposure or entries into retail stores
   - Impact on Social Media channels, such as mentions on Twitter, retweets and shares

Bargain Booze Case Study

Bargain Booze operate a chain of over 600 stores. GO Social ran an advertising campaign that recorded the following results.




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Social Media marketing can provide you with a direct line of communication with your customer. Our team can work closely with your marketing department or independently to provide one or a range of services.

Our wealth of experience allows us to give you a real life expectation of what can be achieved. This can prove useful when you are unsure of which direction to take and where best to focus your efforts for maximum results.

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