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This year GO Social launched an award winning Lead Generation service called LeadLink.

LeadLink is a Social Business Development service that creates sales opportunities for companies with a high value B2B offering. We differ from other outsourced agencies by opting for the intelligent use of LinkedIn, Email and other online channels to effectively generate interest around your products and services.

How does LeadLink work?

We use a variety of data sources to build a contact list around your target criteria. Prospects can be targeted using a whole host of identifiers including company size, job title and industry.

Messages are designed based on your service offering, and the strategy decided upon to attract a prospects attention and get your “foot in the door”.

Correspondence is initiated with prospects across a variety of mediums, including LinkedIn and our in-house database, the response is carefully monitored and tracked.

Dependant on the level of service we either pass you the leads or process them on your behalf.

What makes GO Social’s LeadLink service so groundbreaking?

- On average, LeadLink is proven to be 11 x more effective than other methods of lead generation including Google Adwords, traditional telemarketing and direct mail.

- Prospects can receive a call within 30 minutes of responding to our activity

- You save resources, manpower and time by outsourcing the activity.

- You can receive our full contact database following our lead generation campaign.

- Using our unique tracking system we can monitor and contact prospects that show a particular interest in your products and services.

- Weekly and monthly reports are provided enabling you to track progress and share with others.

Guaranteed results

If GO Social take on a LeadLink campaign we, in most cases, commit to providing a minimum of 5 good quality leads per month.

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