Online PR
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What exactly is online PR?

When you type your company name into Google, are you happy with the results? Online PR allows you to influence that information that people find about you when searching the internet.

What content do you create?

- Blogs
- News articles
- Infographs

Where is it distributed?

We have links with Google News, Yahoo News, 6,000+ Online blogs, 8 million RSS feeds and over 100,000 registered journalists worldwide.

Do you measure the results?

Of course. We track all exposure resulting from the publication and sharing of your content.

New Voice Media Case Study

In a recent piece of work that we did for NewVoiceMedia we were able to secure exposure on Techcrunch and Forbes – two extremely powerful online news portals. This activity was coupled with over 2,000 mentions on Twitter and over 3,000 mentions across Facebook, YouTube and other micro-blogging sites.


Online PR has the power to push your brand into the Social Stratosphere whilst carefully ensuring you only reach channels relevant to your product or service offering.

PressLink is currently available to clients in the US and UK and has distribution connections with over 6,000+ online services, 8 million RSS feeds, Yahoo and Google News and over 100,000 registered journalists worldwide.

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Social Media marketing can provide you with a direct line of communication with your customer. Our team can work closely with your marketing department or independently to provide one or a range of services.

Our wealth of experience allows us to give you a real life expectation of what can be achieved. This can prove useful when you are unsure of which direction to take and where best to focus your efforts for maximum results.

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