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Creative content forms the lifeblood of your online marketing strategy. Social campaigns should deliver emotive, thought provoking material in order to engage directly with customers and prospects. It is not simply enough to talk about the selling points of your business. Instead, your product or service needs to be put into context, with potential customers learning how your solution can solve their problem.

GO Social are experts in effectively communicating with a diverse range of people online. Each of our Social Content writers have the experience necessary to know which angles or hooks will translate well into the Social sphere.

Whilst traditional PR companies may gauge Social Media success on the amount of likes, comments or shares on a post, GO Social are interested in the tangible impact of content. Has there been a purchase as a result of a blog post? Is there an increase in footfall? How has a company’s new service been received? What is the overall sentiment of the brand?

Content can be crafted in a variety of wonderful ways. We are an agency that will ensure we always write with purpose, and have the ammo in our arsenal to propel your company to Social Media Success.

Creative Adaption for Remarkable content

We are used to working with a variety of businesses from startups to multi-national PLCs. We also have a proficient knowledge of damage management, and are fully capable of controlling potentially volatile situations online.

Our approach of “always listening” means that we can often become alerted to such situations before they have the chance to snowball. Similarly we will use positive feedback as leverage, in order to show potential customers the positive experience of working with you.

Managing an online community requires you to maintain a healthy balance of interaction, alongside your desire to push your product or service.

Our content seeks to perform three key objectives; build trust, engage on a personal level and create desire. We have found this unique formula to be extremely successful in building brand loyalty and ultimate conversion.

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Social Media marketing can provide you with a direct line of communication with your customer. Our team can work closely with your marketing department or independently to provide one or a range of services.

Our wealth of experience allows us to give you a real life expectation of what can be achieved. This can prove useful when you are unsure of which direction to take and where best to focus your efforts for maximum results.

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